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Gift Donations

Wedding Favours

On your very special day you may choose to make a donation to Waterford Hospice rather than provide wedding favours to your guests.

If you wish to avail of our Wedding Favour Cards, just contact our admin office, Tel: 051 844847 and advise the number of cards that you will require. The message inside the card advises guests that you have made a donation to Waterford Hospice in lieu of Wedding Favours. The donation is entirely at the discretion of the couple and four to six cards are normally requested per table. Once the donation has been received cards may be collected from the Hospice or mailed to your address.

Birthdays / Anniversary Donations

From time to time a family member, relative or friend may not wish to receive a gift on their day of celebration; Birthday, Anniversary etc. Celebrate their day by giving a gift to Waterford Hospice on their behalf.

A Gift Card, advising that a donation has been made to the hospice is available. Should you wish to avail of this card please contact the admin office, Tel: 051 844847. Your donation details by Credit Card or Laser may be taken by phone. The Gift Card can be forwarded to the recipient or directly to you.