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About Us

Waterford Hospice Movement

Waterford Hospice Movement (WHM) CLG was established in 1988 to provide a Hospice Homecare Palliative Care Service to the people of Waterford City & County and South Kilkenny. As the service evolved it was evident that Waterford and the South East region did not have an inpatient facility analogous with other regions of the country. On this basis WHM, in addition to the provision of Community Specialist Palliative Care Service (CSPCS) fundraised €6m towards the building costs of the new SEPCC.  In May 2021 governance for the clinical service previously provided by us transferred to the HSE and is now accommodated in this building as are the Offices of WHM.

WHM now provides patient comforts, equipment, amenities,  complementary therapies, counselling and support services for patients and their families known to the South East Palliative Care Service (SEPC).

These supports are for patients in their own homes and patients availing of care in the new South East Palliative Care Centre (SEPCC) based in the Dunmore Wing of University Hospital Waterford.


  • Registered with the Charities Regulator -Registration No 20022495
  • Revenue Tax Exemption No – CHY 8998,
  • Registered with the Companies Registration Office – Company No 136829

Who are we?

Waterford Hospice Movement (WHM) CLG was established in 1988 to provide Hospice Homecare Palliative Care service to the people of Waterford City, & County and South Kilkenny. The service was provided in the Community to patients in their own homes, Community Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

Waterford Hospice is now accommodated in the new South East Palliative Care Centre which was constructed with a donation of €6 million towards it’s costs by this Charity.

The Charity is now focusing on supporting patients and their families by providing a range of patient comforts, equipment, amenities and complementary therapies in the SEPCC or in their own homes in the Community, and in doing so compliment the clinical services provided by the HSE, and overtime reflecting the range of services and supports provided by Hospices across the country.


‘this donation is in a mere token of the sincere gratitude and acknowledgement of the wonderful care, kindness and professionalism to both …. and us as a family during his final weeks’

‘this is a small Thank You for the wonderful palliative care given to my mother…RIP. Your wonderful work will always be remembered with great admiration for the wonderful care given’

Our Vision

To support the development of a best-in-class Hospice and Specialist Palliative Care Service in partnership with the HSE/Southeast Palliative Care Service

Our Values


we seek to fundraise to ensure patients and families have optimal level of comfort and support during this challenging period of their lives


we respect the rights of patients and families to have their care managed in a dignified manner in a comfortable and welcoming environment, and the rights of employees and volunteers to be valued and respected as they contribute to the attainment of WHM Vision and Mission

Honesty & Integrity

we hold the values of honesty and integrity as integral to our role together with the principles of accountability and transparency in all aspects of WHM activities


we value the right to advocate for the continued development of Specialist Palliative Care Services for patients and their families

Equity and Fairness

we seek to apply the values of equity and fairness in the deployment of resources for patient comforts and supports for all who require Specialist Palliative Care Services, as well as for the staff and volunteers of the service

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care is an approach that improves quality of life of patients and their families facing the problems associated with life-limiting illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification, assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual. The specialist palliative care team works in partnership with other clinical staff in the community including GPs, Public Health Nurses, Occupational Therapy and Complimentary Therapy Staff

In summary Palliative Care:

  • Provides relief from pain and other distressing symptoms.
  • Affirms life and regards dying as a normal process.
  • Intends neither to hasten or postpone death.
  • Integrates the psychological and spiritual aspects of patient care.
  • Offers a support system to help persons live as actively as possible until death.
  • Offers a support system to help the family cope during the patient’s illness and in their own bereavement.
  • Uses a team approach to address the needs of persons and their families including bereavement counselling.
  • Will enhance quality of life, and may also positively influence the course of illness.
  • Is applicable early in the course of illness, in conjunction with other therapies that are intended to prolong life, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy and includes those investigations needed to better understand and manage distressing clinical complications.


The organisation is governed by a Board of Directors. All Board Members give their time voluntarily and receive no payment. Day-to-day operational management is undertaken by the Manager and Communications and Fundraising Manager both of whom work part time.


WHM CLG Annual Audited Accounts are published on our website and filed with the Charities Regulator and Companies Registration Office

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